Noteworthy Arts, founded in 1994 by Julie Frye, is an owner-operated business.  Noteworthy Arts creations have evolved into several areas of focus:
bulletPaintings - Oils, watercolors and Alkyds
bulletHand crafted Jewelry  
bulletDecorative Art - Hand painted furniture, ceramics and other personal objects
bulletConsignments - you decide



The result of thirty years of painting, teaching and displaying in local art shows.  Most paintings are landscapes of scenes from the southwest, but many come from scenes of places visited on various travels as well.  Many paintings are already framed in complementary styles and colors.


Hand crafted Jewelry

Each piece of original art is hand painted on highest quality T-shirts or two-piece clothing sets and signed by Julie.   Although many of the designs are musical in nature, the result of Julie’s affiliation with Sweet Adelines International, there are traditional designs using various motifs such as Native American and southwestern patterns, animals and birds, and unique "airbrush" designs containing fish and butterflies.

Julie specializes in custom designs and encourages customer input.  Your special picture or logo can readily be used to create a unique garment.  Many Sweet Adelines' choruses from Texas to New Zealand, have been outfitted by Noteworthy Arts using the chorus's special logos.

All designs are completely washable, most by machine using a "gentle" cycle, and are guaranteed. 


Decorative Art

The newest development within the Noteworthy Arts portfolio is Decorative art.  The technique evolved from art-on-garments to art-on-objects such as furniture and other decorative objects.  Although there is an existing inventory of various items (soon to be displayed in these web pages), this technique lends itself well toward custom painting of client provided objects.  Each piece is signed by Julie.


Clients often request help with their decorative/creative projects that require the special touch of an artist.  Noteworthy Arts is always ready to review your needs, quote and provide services on a consignment basis.  Please communicate your questions and/or requirements through Noteworthy Arts' E-Mail.